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  1. third-person singular of recollect

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The Récollets (English: Recollects) were a French branch of the Roman Catholic order, the Franciscans (Latin: Ordo Fratrum Minorum), first established in France about 1570. According to one historian, "Recollection-houses are, strictly speaking, those monasteries to which friars desirous of devoting themselves to prayer and penance can withdraw to consecrate their lives to spiritual recollection". The French Récollets had 11 provinces with 2534 cloisters by the late 18th century. The order was suppressed during the French Revolution.


The Récollets were important as missionaries to the French colonies in Canada, although they were displaced there by the Jesuits. The first Récollet missionaries arrived at Quebec City, from Rouen on June 2, 1615. The Récollet fathers are said to have brewed the first beer in New France in 1620. They left New France in 1629 but returned in 1670. After the British conquest, the order was prohibited from recruiting new members. The last Canadian Récollet Brother Louis died in 1848 at Quebec City.


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